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I can’t get Kissanime Mobile to Work? This is the best way to get it to work?

When you find Kissanime mobile not working with your mobile mainly on chrome browser, Here’s a very easy way to get it working on your mobile. When using chrome browser on a mobile for kissanime it’s possible that all your internet traffic is being routed through Google’s web server

So what does that actually mean

During around late March, the data extension is currently in a beta state this help to reduce the quantity of your information chrome gets. This sounds like a good idea, however, it does suggest that your traffic is being taken with Google’s own servers.

Google says, When this extension is enabled with chrome it will always utilize googles webservers to pass web pages that you receive before being able to download them When using incognito mode it will not be considered a problem.


Kissanime when not using a SSL secured server so when using google chrome you get the error as it tried to view the pages over https

Using the tips below you can disable the data saver when using chrome so you can view kissanime on mobile smartphones.

How to get around this.

Open ip your chrome web browser on mobile then go to set up.

Then scroll down to data saver. Once you have disabled this you should be able to once again load kissanime on mobile.

Hope this will fix any problems with viewing kissanime.

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